# Who are you? I'm Brett Cannon. I'm known on the internet mostly for ... - Being an active [Python](https://www.python.org/) [core developer](https://github.com/orgs/python/teams/python-core) [since April 2003](https://github.com/python/cpython/commit/1e91d8eb030656386ef3a07e8a516683bea85610) - Serving on the [Python steering council](https://github.com/python/steering-council) numerous times (including the [inaugural council](https://peps.python.org/pep-8100/)) - Authoring many [Python Enhancement Proposals](https://peps.python.org/) (aka PEPs) - Giving various [[Appearances#Interviews 🎙️|interviews]] and [[Appearances#Talks 👨‍🏫|talks]] - The phrase, ["I came for the language, but stayed for the community"](https://youtu.be/L_LLYTm-QnM?si=p-KBFHKgxqgdg357&t=1006) - One of the [[Projects]] I created or help maintain ## Do you have a headshot? In case you want to know what I look like to spot me at a conference, need a photo for a talk or podcast interview, etc., I have a [[headshot.jpg|headshot]] that you can see/use. ## How tall are you? 198 cm. ## What do you do outside of open source in your spare time? Programming for fun is actually a big hobby for me, whether that's learning a new programming language or doing some personal project. But other things I enjoy are things like watching movies, reading, playing games, or going for walks and casual bike rides. I have a list of [[Media I Like]] if you're interested in more specifics. # What is the purpose of this site? I have two key motivations for this site: 1. To help make the point that while (volunteer) open source is free for consumers, [there's a cost for producers](https://snarky.ca/setting-expectations-for-open-source-participation/) in the form of personal time (as captured by my [[About|journal]]) 2. To make it easy to share notes with others # How can I show support for your volunteer work? If you would like to be a patron of my volunteer open source work, you can do so [via GitHub Sponsors](https://github.com/sponsors/brettcannon). Otherwise an old-fashioned "thank you" is always appreciated (there are various ways of [[#How can I contact you?|contacting me]])! And being nice to any and all open source creators/producers is also a passive way to be thankful. # Where else are you on the internet? - <a rel="me" href="https://snarky.ca">Blog</a> - <a rel="me" href="https://github.com/brettcannon/">GitHub</a> - <a rel="me" href="https://fosstodon.org/@brettcannon">Mastodon</a> ## How can I contact you? If you need to reach me, the main ways are: - [Email](mailto:[email protected]) at my python.org email address - DM me on [Mastodon](https://fosstodon.org/@brettcannon) Unfortunately I can't make any promise that I will reply as I get lots of unsolicited questions and I only have so much time.